Whether you choose airbrush or traditional makeup, I will create a gorgeous look that lasts all through your wedding day and night.(Lashes: Because long lashes can add the final touch to a bridal makeup look. Depending on your signature look, I  can apply individual lashes or a full strip of temporary lashes. From silicone foundation leaving the skin smooth and with a totally minimize  reckless and fine lines, no forgetting the long lasting  water proof makeup to holds up through  heat, humidity and  tears. 


Groom's Makeup

Who said wedding day make up only had to be for the bride and her party? Recently I’ve been getting a few enquiries about make up for the groom (or, as well call it in the industry, “male grooming”). Let’s not go overboard here! Male grooming doesn’t entail the whole nine yards – lashes, eye shadow, blush, etc. However, this simply means getting some troublesome spots to disappear and look nearly perfect for photos.

Although far and few between, some men do ask for wedding day make up too. I’m happy to offer my expertise in male grooming for the groom on the day of. These include:

  • Proper moisturization of skin (to allow a more perfected make up look)
  • Correcting dark under eye circles (if any), and redness on your face
  • Spot concealing on pesky unwanted red zits
  • Airbrush or powder foundation for a more flawless look
  • Grooming of any facial hair

This might look like a lot of work, but it definitely makes a difference in photos! Plus, the more camera ready perfect you look beforehand saves your photographer from tons of work.