Making Your Music Playlists

Along with making a list of your favorite tunes for cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing, you should also come up with a list of songs you absolutely do not want to hear at any point throughout the night. Remember, these don't have to be set 


Assign a Point Person

If there's one thing we can promise you about your wedding day, it's that everyone will have a question for you. Since you don't want to be swarmed while you're prepping for your walk down the aisle, pick a bridesmaid, friend, planner — anyone! — that can field inquiries so you don't feel overwhelmed.


Prepare Tip Envelopes

You'll want to thank your vendors for their exceptional service after the reception, but whipping out your checkbook or handing off bundles of cash isn't how you'll want to start your first night as a married woman. Pre-designate envelopes with the appropriate tip and hand them off to a planner or relative to do the honors at the end of the evening.


Confirm Delivery Times

Most venues give couples an allotted time frame when the venue is specifically theirs. Make sure all deliveries, including rentals, flowers, and your cake, fall within the correct time and will be set up with room to spare.


Pack for the Honeymoon

After the excitement of your wedding, we can promise you the last thing you'll want to do is rush home and pack for your post-wedding vacation. Save yourself the stress by packing before the big day so you can enjoy time with your family and 


Finalize Your Getting-Ready Timeline

This means confirming arrival times or appointments with your hair and makeup artists, giving a schedule to your bridesmaids, and letting your photographer know when you'd like them to start shooting.